July 25, 2017

Its over

Ahh, the NFL combine. It is sad I know, but I spent a long time watching kids run, jump and lift just so I could see a glimpse of a few athletes I have interest in. This isn’t some quick task, to research and commentate like this, you know. There were some cool things to watch like the 49 bench press reps of Oregon State’s Stephen Paea. Now, let’s talk about the kids I wanted to watch.


Colin Kaepernick
Weight:233 lbs.

I loved what I saw from this kid at the combine.  I have to admit, I was turned on to Colin by reader CK, I had heard of him but I had not researched him too much.  Now, after watching highlights and the combine, I am fascinated by this possible pick.  Obviously he is a later round pick but I think he has enough tools to be able to play QB in the NFL after a season on the bench.

He is tall enough he can see the field and not worry about throws being batted down. He also is fast, fast enough to create plays with his feet if there is nothing open down field. This is something the Bengals will never get from Carson Palmer. He also has a cannon. Sure, some question his mechanics, but this can be fixed. The kid had one of the best arms in the combine by my vote.



Cam Newton
Weight:248 lbs.

The Heisman winner looks to be a first round pick. Probably early in the first. However, there are some problems with his game. He has been criticized for not being able to anticipate when receivers are going to be open. Meaning he needs to see the wide out open before he makes the throw. Yeah, he has a great arm, but in the pro’s this is not something that a quarterback can do.

It is no secret he did not have a great combine. Overly scrutinized athletes rarely do. He also has off field issues that as a Bengals fan I would love to shy away from. If he was drafted by the Bengals to replace Carson, I am not one to say I wouldn’t be a fan, but the Bengals would need to have one hell of a draft to compliment taking this chance on a QB.


Brandon Saine
Weight:220 lbs.
College:Ohio St.

I wanted to watch Saine because honestly, I am a huge Buckeye fan. I think Brandon could be a great change of pace back for the Bengals but is not someone I would reach for. He is really fast on the field which you know if you saw him play for the Buckeyes. I think though, that for the Bengals, he would be too much like Bernard Scott for the Bengals to reach for him at all.



Dane Sanzenbacher
Weight:182 lbs.
College:Ohio St.

Again, I kid I wanted to see because of being a fan. I think Dane will have a nice career in the NFL. He fits the mold of a workhorse with great hands that finds a way to get open underneath. Just watch his highlights from Ohio State’s bowl game to see what this kid brings to the field. However, he is a lot like a Jordan Shipley who we all know has performed very well for the Bengals.



A.J. Green
Weight:211 lbs.

So, everyone is picking this kid for the Bengals in their mock drafts. Is this because they all think Chad Ochocinco is gone? Green looked ok at the combine. However, this is a kid that looks like he has all the tools that a Terrell Owens has. You cannot tell me you wouldn’t want Terrell with a better attitude for his whole career. A.J. Green could be the most sure pick in this draft.