June 23, 2017

Nice Work Mikey

So all those years of neglecting the backup quarterback position by picking up players on the cheap really paid off Mikey boy. Guys like J.T. O’Sullivan, Jordan Palmer, Dan Lefevour? Well done sir. Let me hand over that GM of the Decade award to you right now. The two decent backup QB’s you once had on the roster, Jon Kitna and Ryan Fitzpatrick, look a little better today don’t they Bengals fans?

I originally agreed with Carson for wanting out of Cincinnati, I certainly didn’t blame him for wanting to leave. However his most recent comments make him sound childish. We know you have money Carson. You don’t need to waive it into the faces of the thousands and thousands of fans who helped to pay you that $80 million in your over sized bank account. If you want to retire (because you know Mikey’s not trading you now after these comments), more power to you. But do it quietly please.

Here’s the link to James Walker’s report on Carson Palmer.