June 22, 2017

Dance your tail off Hines


Hey all you Steeler fans, it is time to dust off your ballet shoes and get to dancing with your favorite cheap shot artist Hines Ward. Finally maybe Hines will be noticed for his smiling while he is prancing around the stage trying to win some shitty dance contest that no one really cares about.  All of you Yinzers know the show I am sure.  This is the same show that you all ridiculed Chad Ochocinco for participating in last season right? Is Hines that much of a loser that he needs to follow in the footsteps of Chad and TO?


Seriously though, I am sure that this all came about because Hines wants to keep it tight in the offseason. Maybe Ben said he was looking a little out of shape. In any case, the dirtiest player in the NFL will be dancing on your TV screen. So bust out your terrible towels, sip your chardonnay and wait for good ole Hines to lay a blind side hit on Brooke Burke in prime time.


Here is what Hines had to say about the show:

“You’ve got to keep active,” Ward said. “For me, doing Dancing With the Stars, that’s the best way to get over it, move on and reflect.”
“It’s all about the Mirror Ball,” Ward said. “I couldn’t get the Lombardi Trophy, but I have an opportunity to get the Mirror Ball and put that on my mantel with all my other hardware.”


I just can’t wait to see him cry when his torch gets put out, his tutu gets taken away or whatever they do on this show.