June 28, 2017

Dhani Jones goes back to college

It is the offseason, so many wonder what the Bengals are up to.  Well, you know Dhani Jones is off traveling doing something.  It seems like his new mission is to make the world smell better.  This time, Dhani tackles a college campus. Thank you to Febreze Sport for providing this video:



I have met Dhani a couple of times and he is a very cool guy. He also has been a great linebacker for the Bengals and has been a leader on the field.  I loved the tv show Dhani tackles the globe so I follow him closely.  I have also talked to many Bengal fans who claim Dhani as their favorite player.  I just want to wish him luck on his quest to make the world smell better. I only wish he could spray something on the Bengals to make the stink of last season disappear, that would be nice.