July 20, 2017

Gregg Doyel likes to stir the pot

So Gregg Doyel writes an article calling Carson Palmer a baby. Really he said he is like a spoiled kid, taking his ball and going home.  He starts the article by listing some great NFL players that hung it up for different reasons and why they are all better than Palmer.  He even lists Barry Sanders stating:


Barry Sanders was the best running back in football in 1998, but he wanted to be done. One season away from becoming the NFL’s all-time leading rusher, he retired. He was 30.


Come on Gregg, someone that thinks of himself as a journalist should know that Barry Sanders quit because the Lions sucked.  A few years after he retired he stated that the culture of losing in the Lions’ organization was too much to deal with even though he said that he could still play. He explained that it robbed him of his competitive spirit, and he saw no reason to believe things were going to improve. You should know better.


Let’s take a look at some other players that “took their ball and went home”.  How about hall of famer John Elway. He was originally drafted by the Colts and refused to play for them. He forced them to trade him to another team because he did not want to play for a loser. His legacy was sure crushed by that selfishness.


Then you have Eli Manning, this spoiled player told the Chargers he would not play for them if they drafted him and forced them to trade him to another team. Surely people remember that way more than the way he beat the undefeated Patriots in the Super Bowl.


The only person that comes off like a spoiled child is Doyel. His favorite player on his favorite team no longer wants to play for them and Gregg gets all pouty about it.  Really it is a shitty article written by a shitty journalist with shitty research. I think he is still pissed he was bounced from Cincinnati radio.