June 26, 2017


• Too Many Men on the Field: Am I the only one that is not surprised they can’t hammer out a new CBA extension when Mike Brown is on the 10 man labor committee? Brown was one of two owners to vote against the last CBA when it was ratified. If ever there was a person you don’t want to see during a negotiation, it would be Mike Brown.

• Ineligible Receiver: If we are going to move Palmer via a trade, please get rid of Ochocinco as well. His act is very tired, and whatever new quarterback we bring in shouldn’t have to deal with this clown when he gets here. Sure, we should have traded him a few years ago when we were offered two 1st round picks for him, but get whatever you can and be done with it.
• Tripping: If we are really going to pick an offensive player with our first round pick, then the Bengals must be trippin’ to post this article on their site. We have our coaches do the scouting, but Mike Zimmer hasn’t watched any tape of prospects? Really?!? Also, we are going to publicly state that we are going offense in the first two rounds? No wonder teams trade in front of us to select the top players. I really hope this is a smokescreen…
• Player Disqualified: For Sale: Palmer jersey, fathead, autographed photo, and rookie cards. I am done with #9. Send his brother packing too. The only Palmer I want to see is MMA ring girl Brittney Palmer.
• Illegal Cut: AJ Hawk, Vernon Gholston, Bob Sanders, Clinton Portis, Tommie Harris, Jeremy Shockey: lots of players cut this week. The Bengals are unsurprisingly MIA in the free agent market. I don’t expect Mike Brown to buy so much as a pack of paper until the lockout is over.
• Intentional Grounding: It seems as if the owners and players are determined to hit Friday with no deal in place. If midnight hits and the lockout begins, don’t look for a resolution anytime soon. I am thinking this thing won’t be resolved until August, when the owners start to lose money on the preseason game tickets.