June 26, 2017

News on the Labor deal

With the deadline for a deal approaching I wanted to revisit what we all hope happens.  A freaking deal gets done.  Every NFL site I read is focused on every tweet and morsel of news that has come out of the meetings.  We all know the real movement comes when the clock is ticking, so this week I wasted no time writing about the goings on.  Now however, we have reached a point where something needs to happen.  Short of an announcement of a deal, the fans are going to be pissed.  Another extension only proves that both sides want a deal but also want to pretend that legal action is what they are leaning to.


I had some friends like this in college. They would get really tough and bump chests and tell people they were about to roll some heads, but everyone knew they were just bluffing.  That is what is going on in these meetings.  Neither side wants to go the legal route. They both just want to get every last penny they can. In the process they are going to leak just enough information in the hopes that they can get the fans on their side. If the fans had a voice in this for one side, the screws would really be put to the other side. As it stands, the fans are sick and tired of both sides puffing out their chests.


As I type this, De Smith (the mouthpiece of the players) is on a conference call with the players telling them the plan is to decertify.  He probably is talking just loud enough to let everyone hear that also. Sure, the players may decertify and file litigation but everyone knows that is the last thing they want to do. 


My opinion? I think by the time 5:00 rolls around there will be another extension. Which really would mean that both sides want to threaten each other some more and try and garner fan support. For all of those saying this is not an argument between millionaires and billionaires, that is exactly what this is. As it becomes more expensive to just get by in this country, most fans could care less how an organization is going to split 9 billion dollars in revenue. Most fans don’t have the leverage to cry about their pensions and health care. It falls on deaf ears when through all this the teams have made no effort to make it more affordable for the fans. Each side is worried about their cut not taking into account where that money comes from.

(besides it seems the Arizona Cardinals, who announced they were lowering ticket prices in some sections to make it more affordable to get fans in the seats.)


UPDATE:  Union threatened to decertify, as of now the two sides are meeting to try and get something done. I expect an extension. I can’t believe anyone really wants to go to court. If the union follows through, it is going to be interesting watching players scramble who don’t know how to manage their money.

UPDATE 4:30pm: Now the owners are meeting with themselves. What, I wonder, could they be discussing? Another extension maybe?