July 22, 2017

The arrogance of the NFL

Ok fans, the NFL and (former) NFLPA has spoken and they said loud and clear: YOU DON’T MATTER.



I am not going to dig too deep into the issues, we all know what is going on. The base line of the whole thing is that these two groups feel that they are so important and that what they are doing matters so much in the real world. Sure, I love football, more than most probably. That does not mean that I sympathize at all with two groups that are squabbling over how to split 9 billion dollars.  Last night, as the events unfolded many players took to twitter to air their sob stories. Several tweeted something to the effect of: “come on NFL, we have mouths to feed and bills to pay” (I am looking at you Santonio Holmes).  What kind of an arrogant asshole who has made millions of dollars over the past few years could type that? Especially on the same day when a natural disaster wiped out entire cities. See, the people in Japan really do have mouths to feed, and they have no PR department or agents to advise them what to do with their savings accounts they have amassed.


The NFL is wrong and the players are wrong. If you don’t like the conditions you work under then find a new job. I am not sure why players think they are more important? You won the genetic lottery and can catch a football. Get over yourself, your job is probably one of the least important to society.


Yes, it is going to suck for the fans if there is no football. You know who it is going to suck for more? Concession workers, security, janitors, parking lot attendants, bar & restaurant workers and kids. Kids? Yeah kids, the same kids the players and owners dance beside in those shitty NFL commercials. You think the money for the programs that the NFL funded to keep kids active is still going to flow this season if there is no football? How about all the donations to the United Way.  Nope, done.



You getting the point?  The most vocal people in this whole mess, the players and the NFL, are the people who are going to be affected the least. This is what the fans are feeling and why we could give a shit how you split your billions. Get a deal done so we can continue to overpay for a product where the people involved could really care less what we think.