June 23, 2017

So the Bengals need a QB

Every year I find one kid that I think would be great for the Bengals and I get stuck on it. (Michael Oher over Andre Smith comes to mind) A few months ago, reader CK turned me onto the QB from Nevada Colin Kaepernick.  I looked at his build and at 6’6” and 225lbs, he has the size of what one would want in a QB.  he ran a 4.43 at the combine so you know he is fast. Apparently he had a great pro day for the media the other day (although, throwing passes to a receiver with no pressure should not be a measure of how you would perform in a game, right Brady Quinn?)


So the Bengals look like they are going to need a QB of the future.  Sure, there are some that draft experts say should be at the top of the board, but I am not overly excited about Cam Newton or Gabbert. I like the kid from Nevada.  The Bengals should really look at what the Broncos did last year to land Tebow.  Take a great player early then trade up later to get the QB you want. Maybe he won’t start day one, but this looks like a kid with the kind of ability to excel in the NFL.



So let’s take a look at what Colin was able to accomplish in college.  His senior year he finished with a QB rating of 150.46 with over 3000yds passing and 21 touchdowns.  But number 1 Fan, he played for Nevada, don’t they play a cupcake schedule.  Yeah, maybe.  They did play teams like Eastern Washington and Colorado State.  They also played an undefeated team in Boise State. You remember them right? They were in talks as being one of the best teams in the country.  Colin was able to lead his team to victory with a 120+ QB rating as well as a passing and rushing TD. Colin was then able to top BC in a bowl game. So the kid did play in some big games in his career.


Celebrating with the talent.


So, like all the other kids over the years that I have really wanted to see in stripes, the Bengals will probably pass on this one.  However, I do like the possibility of having this kid on the roster as a QB of the future.