August 17, 2017

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Lets give Mike Brown some credit

  It is important to give credit when it is due. As a Cincinnati Bengals fan, it is no secret that Mike Brown is looked at as the enemy. He is the main reason the Bengals have had only two winning seasons in 20 tries and fail to make competent decisions as an organization. However, […]


• Too Many Men on the Field: Am I the only one that is not surprised they can’t hammer out a new CBA extension when Mike Brown is on the 10 man labor committee? Brown was one of two owners to vote against the last CBA when it was ratified. If ever there was a […]

Dhani Jones goes back to college

It is the offseason, so many wonder what the Bengals are up to.  Well, you know Dhani Jones is off traveling doing something.  It seems like his new mission is to make the world smell better.  This time, Dhani tackles a college campus. Thank you to Febreze Sport for providing this video:     I have […]

Dance your tail off Hines

  Hey all you Steeler fans, it is time to dust off your ballet shoes and get to dancing with your favorite cheap shot artist Hines Ward. Finally maybe Hines will be noticed for his smiling while he is prancing around the stage trying to win some shitty dance contest that no one really cares […]

A Quitter At Heart

Carson Palmer apparently has told a confidant that he “will never set foot in Paul Brown Stadium again,” that according to an article by James Walker of ESPN. Palmer boasts about how he has $80 million in the bank and doesn’t need to play football anymore.

Nice Work Mikey

So all those years of neglecting the backup quarterback position by picking up players on the cheap really paid off Mikey boy. Guys like J.T. O’Sullivan, Jordan Palmer, Dan Lefevour? Well done sir. Let me hand over that GM of the Decade award to you right now.

Carson will not set foot in Paul Brown Stadium again

According to an article on

Its over

Ahh, the NFL combine. It is sad I know, but I spent a long time watching kids run, jump and lift just so I could see a glimpse of a few athletes I have interest in. This isn’t some quick task, to research and commentate like this, you know. There were some cool things to […]

1999 Was No Party For Bengals

With the Bengals having needs at many positions, conventional wisdom is to select the best player available when they pick 4th in the April 28th – 30th NFL draft. Reaching for a quarterback, even with the Carson Palmer fiasco looming over our heads, could backfire if the player isn’t able to live up to their […]