July 27, 2017

Draft Profile: Andy Dalton

Leading up to the draft, Who Dey Live will be profiling a number of players who could be targets for the Bengals based on their position or their expected draft spot.

Here are my own thoughts on TCU’s Andy Dalton.

ESPN Player Card

Position:  Quarterback

Size:  6’2″ – 215 pounds

What I like: To borrow a phrase from Mr. Adonis Blood himself (Charlie Sheen), Dalton has spent a lot of time WINNING! He’s a four-year starter who elevated an entire program during his tenure. Furthermore, Dalton is spot-on accurate, completing nearly 60-percent of his passes (or more) in all his seasons as a starter. As you might expect, he brings great intangibles as well and would seem to be a good fit in the West Coast offense, which values accuracy more than arm strength.

What I don’t like: Dalton is about the same size as me, and I’m not exactly NFL-ready. Furthermore, even though he occasionally played against some quality competition at TCU, he spent the majority of his time beating up on teams like New Mexico and UNLV. Dalton would have to adjust to the NFL’s talent level and wouldn’t exactly have any physical advantages either.

Final thoughts: I think Dalton would be perfect for the Bengals. Cincinnati should have enough playmakers at receiver and running back to make the quarterback’s job easier. With Chad Ochocinco likely gone and Terrell Owens out of town, the Bengals’ new offense would seem to focus on short and intermediate routes where accuracy outweighs arm strength. That could help Dalton make the leap to football’s highest level. Plus, Dalton likely won’t get drafted until the second or third round, so his risk won’t be nearly as high as some of the other signal callers. He seems like a perfect fit to me.