June 22, 2017

Draft Profile: Blaine Gabbert

Leading up to the draft, Who Dey Live will be profiling a number of players who could be targets for the Bengals based on their position or their expected draft spot.

Here are my own thoughts on Missouri’s Blaine Gabbert.

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ESPN Player Card

Position:  Quarterback

Size:  6’4″ – 234 pounds

What I Like: A lot of the experts believe Gabbert is the best quarterback in this draft class. Plus, Cincinnati clearly needs a new franchise quarterback considering the Carson Palmer fiasco. Gabbert has prototypical size and many of the measurables you want in a QB. Plus, he’s a pretty good athlete as well and seems to have some good intangibles as well.

What I don’t like: Gabbert only has about two years of playing experience in college. Plus, in my mind, I prefer franchise quarterbacks to be household names, players who have dealt with the spotlight and played in several huge games before. He’d also have to transition from the spread offense to the pro game, which isn’t ideal either.

Final thoughts: If the Bengals draft a quarterback at No. 4, I’d prefer Gabbert over Newton. I just don’t trust Newton to stay out of trouble his entire career. And Cincinnati has been burned by character issues before. Thus, Gabbert seems a safer and smarter pick if the Bengals go quarterback early. But I’m not sure Gabbert is that much better than many of the later-round options.