July 25, 2017

Kiper on Quarterbacks

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CNNSI.com’s Peter King checked in with Mel Kiper to discuss the quarterbacks in this year’s draft class. Since the Bengals are in the market for a quarterback, I found Kiper’s opinions especially interesting. His opinions, flawed as they sometimes might be, only reinforce my own thoughts on what should be the Bengals’ draft strategy.

Since the top-tier quarterbacks are far from slam dunks, I think it makes more sense to go after someone from the second tier in the second or third round. Personally, I like TCU’s Andy Dalton, but I’d rather have a lesser-round Christian Ponder or Colin Kapernick than a first-round gamble. Here’s what Kiper had to say specifically about Dalton and Ponder.

Andy Dalton and Christian Ponder, both good prospects; lots of people think Dalton can be that prototype West Coast quarterback, and I like him.”