June 28, 2017

Draft Profile: Jake Locker

Leading up to the draft, Who Dey Live will be profiling a number of players who could be targets for the Bengals based on their position or their expected draft spot.

Here are my own thoughts on Washington quarterback Jake Locker.

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CBS Sports Player Card

Position:  Quarterback

Size:  6’3″ – 231 pounds

What I like: Locker has NFL size and athleticism and is believed to be an excellent leader as well. From an athletic standpoint, he has loads of potential. Mel Kiper believes he would have been drafted at No. 4 overall last year if he entered the draft. He performed pretty well at his pro day and is believed to have done well in interviews with his prospective teams.

What I don’t like: A lot. I believe accuracy is king in today’s NFL and Locker has struggled in that area, completing less than 60-percent of his passes. I’m not sure he’d be a great fit in Jay Gruden’s new West Coast offense, which should emphasize accuracy on short-to-intermediate routes. I worry that Locker could be one of those athletic quarterbacks who can’t quite transition into an effective passer.

Final thoughts: Locker is pretty low on my list of targets for the Bengals, especially considering he’s probably going to get drafted in the first round. If he falls into the second round, he’d be easier to accept, but I would still worry mightily about his accuracy in the NFL game. I think Cincinnati would be smarter to address another position in the first round and then perhaps sacrifice a little size and athleticism for some more accuracy in another quarterback.