July 26, 2017

Talking Kolb

I talked to an Eagles fan today who said he would dance for two days straight if his team got a first-round pick for Kevin Kolb.

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I understand completely. And that’s why I was a bit nervous when I heard Adam Schefter’s report via ProFootballTalk that the Bengals have discussed Kevin Kolb internally. Granted, internal discussions are quite possibly just due diligence.

What do you think of Kevin Kolb?

He’s okay.

He stinks.

That could be the extent of an internal discussion.

What worries me about Kolb is that his body of work is limited. He’s thrown just 319 passes in his entire career. He’s tossed more interceptions than touchdowns. And his quarterback rating is in in the 70s. Thus, he’s far from a sure-fire franchise quarterback who would guarantee greatness.

I think Kolb would be better this season than any quarterback that the Bengals might select in the draft. But after that, I’m not sure.

So Cincinnati shouldn’t be offering much if they’re considering a trade for him when the collective bargaining agreement is finalized.

Let’s hope the Bengals aren’t the ones who get that guy dancing.