June 28, 2017

Trading Places? Probably Not

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Geoff Hobson discusses the Bengals’ courtship of quarterbacks and wonders aloud about whether the team will trade up to acquire it’s newest franchise quarterback. It’s an interesting question because Cam Newtown, Blaine Gabbert and Jake Locker are all expected to go in the first round. And now, Adam Schefter is hearing that TCU’s Any Dalton could also crash the first round. Ryan Mallett could go early in the second.

But Hobson doesn’t believe the Bengals will trade up to acquire their quarterback – and I don’t either. In addition to the team’s shaky trade history during the draft, there is also the issue of future picks hanging over this year’s draft. The NFL has cautioned teams about trading away future draft picks because the draft could be ruled illegal in the pending court battles.

Thus, I expect a fairly boring draft as far as trades are concerned this season. Cincinnati probably won’t move anywhere to get the newest face of the franchise. Whomever that may be.