August 17, 2017

Reedy Roundup

Joe Reedy had some interesting posts on his Bengals blog in recent days and I think they’re worth a second look.

First, Reedy asks aloud how the fan base feels about Carson Palmer. He senses that many of the fans are conflicted, and if they’re like me, he’s right.

On the one hand, Palmer has a contract and he should stick to it. He’s getting paid a big chunk of change for a job that a lot of people would love to have. Secondly, he’s expected to be a leader of the franchise, and his threats of retirement essentially amount to quitting on the team. It’s annoying for anyone to do that, let alone the face of the franchise.

On the other hand, Palmer has been a good soldier and has been behind the curtain of the Bengals organization for a long time. Perhaps it has become apparent that the Bengals management and front office structure will never allow the team to be successful. He’s taking a stand against Mike Brown and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. How many of us could continue to work for an incompetent boss if we had other options?

So I see both sides. Which one are you on?

In the end, I trust Palmer’s actions more than Brown’s management. It’s just frustrating to see the franchise quarterback fold his hand.

In his latest mock draft, Reedy selected Missouri quarterback Blaine Gabbert for the Bengals. If that actually happens, I’ll be quite nervous. Gabbert is largely a one-year wonder and didn’t exactly dominate the competition like you would expect from a franchise quarterback. He has great size and good athleticism, but I’m not sure he’s that much better than one of the second-tier quarterbacks. I think it would make more sense to strengthen one of the other ares of the team first (and I’m not high on A.J. Green either), than go after the franchise quarterback.

We’ll see what happens.