August 16, 2017

State of the Bengals in the offseason

There really is no news about the Bengals.  As many of the sports fans in Cincinnati have shifted their focus to the Red hot Reds it is important to follow the things that will affect the Bengals the most.


1. Who is going to play Qb?

2. When will the lockout end?


The Carson Palmer to the Dolphins talk is getting stringer.  Championed it seems by a writer from the Miami Herald, this story will not go away.  The Bengals need to prepare as if Palmer is gone, I for one do not think Palmer will play for the Bengals again. It sucks, but it is what he needs I guess.


In a quote from the article:


Everybody in the Dolphins organization I’ve talked to about the idea so far has said things like, “Carson’s pretty good,” or, “I like Carson,” or, “It’s one of our what-ifs.”


So let’s say Palmer goes to the Dolphins, and the Bengals can make a play for Kevin Kolb. Then a top QB in the draft looks silly.  This is the scenario I would most want to happen. Then the Bengals can use a later pick on a QB like Kaepernick.


If this were to happen, I would hope the Bengals would use their early pick to either trade down for more picks, or take a guy that will help to improve the D Line. That is where I think the Bengals will have the ability to gain more on the rest of the division.  Sure AJ Green and Jones would help the wide outs, but adding good wide outs will not make this team better in the division as we saw last year.



The lockout will end sooner rather than later.  I have said this for a long time, there is too much money to be lost on all sides. Mostly, a lockout is going to crush the players. Take Mark Brunell for example.  Here is a guy who received his last check less than 4 months ago and is already filing for bankruptcy to the tune of 7.4 million dollars. He is currently arguing to keep his personal items:


“Those items include the two championship rings, three Rose Bowl rings, two watches and “miscellaneous helmets and jerseys, memorabilia and shotguns,” the court filing said. “


Look, many NFL players are dumb with money.  Mark made over 50 million dollars over his career and before he is even done playing has none left.  Owners in general have probably had a little more business savvy then their player counterparts. You will see pressure from the inside if the players begin to realize that they are going to have to go without. I don’t know if this is included in the betting odds for the NFL, but I would bet against the players in this fight.


How can you blow 50 million + that fast?