July 26, 2017

To Trade or Not to Trade?

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Another story about the Miami Dolphins interest in Carson Palmer surfaced today on ProFootballTalk. The Miami Herald’s Armando Salguero seems to think that the team is plenty interested in trading for Palmer if the opportunity becomes available. But that’s where it gets complicated. Palmer can’t be traded until a new labor agreement is reached. And then, Mike Brown would have to sign off on it, which I don’t expect to happen. Brown never gives into his players and I doubt he’s going to change that precedent now.

If it were me, I’d at least privately explore the market for No. 9. I still think Palmer gives Cincinnati the best chance to win in 2011, but if a team is willing to give up multiple draft picks for him, it might be worth it. The Redskins were reportedly willing to give up a first-rounder for Chad Ochocinco a few years back, but Brown’s hard-line stance ruined that opportunity.

I’d prefer that he didn’t make the same mistake twice.