June 28, 2017

NFL Draft Rewind: 2005 Round 1

In the coming weeks leading up to the April 28th NFL Draft, I will be taking a look at past Bengals drafts during the Marvin Lewis era. Today’s I look back at the first round of the 2005 Bengals draft. The Bengals are coming off of back to back 8-8 seasons, and they have gained some national respectability. Carson Palmer is about to have his first Pro Bowl season, and the Bengals will end the 14 year playoff drought. The rest, as they say, is history…

Round 1: David Pollack, DE, Georgia. I spent the weeks leading up to the draft studying players, and I had my heart set on a Georgia player that would be transitioning to linebacker. Unfortunately, the player I wanted was Thomas Davis, who would go three picks earlier to Carolina. Pollack was a great guy, a standout in college, and an asset to the locker room in desperate need of such an influence. The Bengals got a very unlucky break when Pollack broke his neck vs. the Browns in 2006. He would never play again, but he was a contributor to the team that ended the playoff drought in Cincinnati, and I wish him the best in his career as a sportscaster.

Other options: If only we had needed a QB, Aaron Rodgers was still on the board, as were WR Roddy White and G Logan Mankins.

Thanks for reading… Who Dey!