August 16, 2017

Draft Profile: Robert Quinn

Leading up to the draft, Who Dey Live will be profiling a number of players who could be targets for the Bengals based on their position or their expected draft spot.


Here are my own thoughts on North Carolina defensive end Robert Quinn.

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CBS Sports Player Card

Position:  Defensive end

Size:  6’4″ – 265 pounds

What I like: Quinn is a freakish athlete and would give the Bengals a pair of bookend defensive linemen who can harass opposing quarterbacks. He’s only 20 years old and figures to get even bigger in the next couple of years. He’s also extremely fast, having run the forty-yard dash in 4.59 seconds at his pro day.

What I don’t like: Quinn had to sit out this past season after getting involved with an agent. The fact that he could be our team’s first round pick and hasn’t played a meaningful game in more than a year scares the bejeesus out of me. Cincinnati has gambled too many times on too many players in the draft and things have ended up badly. I’d prefer a safer pick with more game film to go on.

Final thoughts: I haven’t spent much time thinking about Quinn getting picked by the Bengals. It seems like his suspended season should push him past the No. 4 pick. But Cincinnati does have a need for a defensive end so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised if it actually happens. I’m just not sure things will work out well.