August 16, 2017


In the coming weeks leading up to the April 28th NFL Draft, I will be taking a look at past Bengals drafts during the Marvin Lewis era. Today’s I look back at the second round of the 2005 Bengals draft. The Bengals are coming off of back to back 8-8 seasons, and they have gained some national respectability. Carson Palmer is about to have his first Pro Bowl season, and the Bengals will end the 14 year playoff drought. The rest, as they say, is history…

Round 2: Odell Thurman, LB, Georgia. A guy with more red flags than the 1980 Moscow Olympics, the Bengals rolled the dice on the first round talent and got a few good plays and a lot of problems. Thurman was the 2005 NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year, but soon thereafter he was suspended for two seasons by the NFL for substance abuse issues and was released in 2008. He is currently playing in the UFL.

Other options: Packers Pro Bowl safety Nick Collins and Chargers WR Vincent Jackson went later in round 2, and Frank Gore went with the top pick in round 3.

Who Dey!