June 28, 2017

Draft Profile: Ryan Williams

Here are my own thoughts on Virginia Tech’s Ryan Williams.

CBS Sports Player Card

Position:  Running Back

Size:  5’9″ – 212 pounds

What I like: Williams has a powerful build, which would fit the Bengals’ needs. Cedric Benson is declining and Cincinnati will need a replacement who can run between the tackles. Williams could have good value if he can move past injury problems that plagued his senior year. Many scouts had him ranked as a first-round talent before hamstring issues slowed him down.

What I don’t like: A running back who encounters significant injury problems before leaving college should be a concern. Plus, Williams is pretty short for the position and didn’t run exceptionally well (4.64 seconds in the 40-yard dash) at the NFL combine.

Final thoughts: I’d like to see Cincinnati address other positions with its first two picks, so if Williams somehow survives until the third round, I think he’d be great value at that point. Before that, I think he could be a mistake considering his injury history.