June 23, 2017

Draft Profile: Ryan Mallet

Here are my own thoughts on Arkansas’ Ryan Mallett

CBS Sports Player Card

Position:  Quarterback

Size:  6’7″ – 253 pounds

What I like: Many people view Mallett as the best pure passer in the draft. I agree. Mallett has monstrous size and can make any throw on the field. He also has excellent arm strength and can pinpoint passes in tight spots. Furthermore, he played in college football’s toughest conference, the SEC, and in Bobby Petrino’s pro-style offense. There’s a lot to like. In some ways, he’d be very similar to Carson Palmer, a strong-armed pocket passer with excellent size.

What I don’t like: Pretty much everything else. Mallett has serious character questions that include supposed flaws in leadership, off-the-field behavior, and the other intangibles. Plus, he’s about as mobile as a Brontosaurus, which could get him killed behind the Bengals offensive line. Even though he appears to be NFL-ready from a physical standpoint, the other stuff has concerned many scouts.

Final thoughts: Mallett is a tough case to figure out. If he has cleaned up some of the character issues, he could be an outstanding prospect. However, I’m leery to look past those problems, considering the Carl Pickens/Corey Dillon/Chad Ochocinco/Odell Thurman issues the Bengals have had before. Plus, I think Cincinnati needs a franchise quarterback who is mobile since the offensive line is far from a finished product. With that in mind, I’d put Andy Dalton, Christian Ponder, and Colin Kapernick all above Mallett on my list for the Bengals.