June 23, 2017

NFL Network: On the Clock

Solomon Wilcots and the other analysts from the NFL Network examine the Bengals’ draft plans in this video.

Here are my thoughts.

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Solomon and I share a brain on almost everything related to the Bengals and the draft. Wilcots believes Marvin Lewis’ rave reviews of Cam Newton are a smokescreen and that the Bengals are targeting someone else. Wilcots also thinks the Bengals should take a defensive player first and target a quarterback later. That makes the most sense in my opinion too.

I have a hard time believing the top six or seven quarterbacks will all be gone by the time the Bengals pick in the second round. And the difference between say Christian Ponder and Blaine Gabbert isn’t that great.

So as Solly said, the Bengals should upgrade their defense with a safe pick at No. 4. Then, the team should target the quarterback of the future in the second round.