August 17, 2017

NFL Draft Rewind: 2006 Rounds 2-3

In the coming weeks leading up to the April 28th NFL Draft, I will be taking a look at past Bengals drafts during the Marvin Lewis era. Today’s I look back at rounds 2-3 of the 2006 Bengals draft. The Bengals have finally turned the corner, or so it seemed at the time. The excitement of the first playoff berth in 14 seasons was tempered with the horrific injury to Carson Palmer in the first round of the playoffs, and our rival Steelers won the Super Bowl. There was optimism in the Queen City, but the gambles the team took with character began to bite them repeatedly. The rest, as they say, is history…

Round 2: Andrew Whitworth, T, LSU. Whitworth is big and strong but was supposedly too slow to play left tackle. He has been playing at a Pro Bowl level for the last two seasons, though he has yet to go.

Other options: Devin Hester and Maurice Jones-Drew went a few picks after Whitworth.

Round 3: Frostee Rucker, DE, USC. Some character flags caused Rucker to drop in the draft, but he has kept out of trouble off of the field since coming to Cincy. Still waiting for him to emerge as a starting caliber defensive end.

Round 3 Supplimental Draft: Ahmad Brooks, LB, Virginia. Buy now, pay later doesn’t generally work very well, but there weren’t any big stars picked in the 3rd round of the 2007 draft. That said, this guy was a bust for Cincy, as he missed most of the 2007 season due to injury and was subsequently cut. He currently plays for the 49ers.

Other options: Brandon Marshall was picked in the following round.

Who Dey!