August 17, 2017

Schedule Coming Tuesday Night

The NFL Network and are releasing the 2011 schedule Tuesday night at 7 p.m. The good news for the Bengals is they should get an easier road than last year, as the team plays crossover games against the quarterback-starved NFC West and the AFC South, which features the Colts and three other teams Cincinnati can beat.

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What should be exciting for Bengals fans is that the away schedule doesn’t look all that intimidating. Oustide of the Steelers and the Ravens, Cincinnati should have six other winnable games. On the home side, it’s nice to have Indianapolis at PBS, along with a number of teams who could actually be underdogs in their games with the Bengals. In some ways, it’s the polar opposite of last year when the Bengals faced a number of elite quarterbacks starting with Tom Brady in the season opener. This year, Cincinnati plays Seattle, Buffalo, Tennessee, Denver, San Francisco, and Arizona, who all have some uncertainty at quarterback.

It’s good news for the Bengals, who are entering 2011 without their own franchise quarterback. But an easier schedule will at least give them a chance to contend.