July 25, 2017

Mock a la King

Peter King thinks Blaine Gabbert is headed to Cincy

Fellow Ohio University graduate Peter King conducted his own mock draft in this week’s Sports Illustrated.

Here’s what I think about the predictions of the former Bengals beat writer.

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King’s mock is unique in that he predicts who each team will pick, but also follows it with who they should pick. In the Bengals case, he gave the team Missouri quarterback Blaine Gabbert, which I don’t see happening. But King said they should draft Alabama receiver Julio Jones.

I hate to say it, since King is a fellow OU Bobcat, but I think he’s wrong on both accounts. First, I don’t expect to see Cincinnati go after a quarterback at No. 4. Drafting a quarterback that high would essentially be giving up on Carson Palmer, and I don’t think Mike Brown is ready to do that. Secondly, I don’t see how any receiver – whether it’s A.J. Green or Julio Jones – being a great asset for the Bengals in 2011. Receivers usually take a few years to develop (even more for Jerome Simpson) and for the time being at least, the Bengals are well-stocked at receiver. Plus, with the uncertainty surrounding the quarterback position, I don’t expect the Bengals to throw much next season.

I think it would make more sense to strengthen the team’s defense and try to win games like the Steelers and Ravens do, with a healthy running game and a whole lot of defense.