July 25, 2017

I Don’t Get It.

Joe Reedy posted an interesting poll on his blog the other day. Reedy asked Bengal Nation who they wanted with the fourth overall pick in the draft and at last check, 44-percent of the respondents chose Georgia wideout A.J. Green. Reedy himself has selected Green for the Bengals in his mock draft. And over on NFL.com, four of the analysts have slated Green to the Bengals as well. At this point, I’m resigned to the fact that Green will be a Bengal next season.

But I don’t get it. And here’s why…

First of all, I don’t see how Green is going to help the Bengals next year. With the offseason shortened, he’s going to need more time to learn the offense, and will be facing an uphill climb to see the field in 2011. Plus, he could enter the season No. 4 on the depth chart if Chad Ochocinco sticks around (Ocho, Jerome Simpson, Andre Caldwell, and Jordan Shipley should be ahead of him). Furthermore, the team needs to find out what they have in Caldwell and Simpson, who will hit free agency after the season.

Next, Cincinnati’s quarterback could be mediocre at best, and all the wideouts in the world won’t make a bit of difference.  And furthermore, I’m not sure how another receiver really helps the team beat Baltimore and Pittsburgh, two teams whose dominance on the offensive and defensive lines has always hurt the Bengals.

But it seems like a moot point. If the mocks are right – and I’m starting to believe they are – the Bengals are getting Green. It’s precisely what many of the fans want.

But I don’t get it.