July 26, 2017

The Andre Johnson Explanation

I doubt Andre Johnson could get the Bengals into the postseason next year. So how does A.J. Green help?


In my typically convoluted way, I’m going to explain why drafting A.J. Green would be a mistake, using Andre Johnson as a point of comparison. Here goes nothing…

Many people would consider Houston Texans wideout Andre Johnson as the best receiver currently playing in the NFL. (Certainly, he’d rank in the top three). Johnson has been with the Texans since 2003. And yet, Houston has never made the playoffs.

You see, receivers – even the best ones – can’t take a team to the playoffs by themselves. In my opinion, a lot of other positions are more important and play a bigger role in the outcome of games.

It’s an important lesson for the Cincinnati Bengals, who are expected to select Georgia receiver A.J. Green in Thursday’s draft. I think it would be a huge mistake.

Even if Green turns out to be similar to Johnson, one of the best in the game, Cincinnati will still struggle to win games. With significant weaknesses on the offensive line, at safety, and quarterback, there are a lot of other players who could make a more bigger impact for the Bengals. With so much instability on offense, Cincinnati would be wise to follow the formulas of Baltimore and Pittsburgh, two divisional teams who have won consistently with strong defenses. And without elite receivers.

But it all might be a moot point. If the mock drafts are right, A.J. Green will soon be a Bengal. And even if he turns out to be the second-coming of Andre Johnson, I doubt it will make any difference.

A wide receiver – even a really good one – won’t get the Bengals any closer to the playoffs.