June 28, 2017

Three Questions with Bengals Gab


Eric thinks the Bengals could throw another curve on draft day.

One of our black and orange brothers at BengalsGab was kind enough to answer three of our questions about the Bengals and their past and present. Here’s what Eric from BengalsGab is thinking about our Bengals.

1) Who do you think the Bengals should draft at No. 4 this year?

This clearly depends on who is available.  The conventional wisdom seems set with the team going for WR A.J. Green of Georgia, but I’m not buying that.  This team is known for throwing curveballs on draft day, and my gut tells me this year will be no different.  If either Cam Newton or Blaine Gabbert is available, the team will go quarterback without hesitation.  If they are both gone, the team will try to trade down to a spot where they can be assured of getting an Andy Dalton or Christian Ponder, both of whom are now being talked about as late first-rounders.  Many say that CB Patrick Peterson is a rare corner-safety gem, so he might be the safest pick at four, but being safe never  seems to factor into their thinking.

2) What’s your favorite Bengals memory?

Watching Stanford Jennings return a second-half kickoff 93 yards for a touchdown and a four point lead in Super Bowl XXIII.  The score was the first touchdown in a tight defensive battle, and seemed to put the Bengals in the driver’s seat. At that moment, I felt we had the momentum and would ultimately win the game.  Unfortunately, Joe Montana and Jerry Rice had other ideas. As a result of their efforts, (and John Taylor’s) my worst memory would come a bit later that very same night.


3) And what’s your blind prediction for next year’s finish?

I don’t see this team as broken and bereft of talent as others seem to.  Zimmer will have the defense ready, and they should keep the team in most of the games (particularly with an attractive schedule).  The question will be how well new offensive coordinator Jay Gruden and his quarterback (whomever that is) can generate points.  Without T.O. and Ocho (God willing), the team will be better off.  Perhaps even more so without Carson Palmer.  The less egos the better.  Let’s say 8-8 for now.