July 27, 2017

Trade Value Flushed Away


Flushed Away: The Story of Ochocinco's Trade Value

Yesterday, Chad Ochocinco announced on Twitter that he believes his time is done in Cincinnati. Joe Reedy agreed, supplying a nice roundup of Marvin Lewis comments about Ochocinco this offseason.

While I also agree that Ochocinco is a goner – and I think it will help the team in the long run – it makes no sense why Lewis would consistently bash one of his players publicly. I know Lewis has probably grown tired of Ochocinco’s antics (who hasn’t?), but his comments certainly haven’t helped the situation.

For all his warts, there still would have been some team, somewhere, that was willing to trade for Ochocinco. Now, with no one – not even Ochocinco himself – believing he will be a Bengal next year, his trade value has been flushed away.

The Bengals might get a fourth-round pick or so for Ochocinco. And the other team will get a steal. Chad will be motivated, focused, and determined to prove everyone wrong next year. The other team will get a good deal.

And Cincinnati will get next to nothing for it.

Too much has been flushed away.