June 28, 2017

Friday Top Five: Players to Target in Later Rounds

Andy Dalton would be a great 2nd round pick for Cincinnati - if he's available.

1. “SuperGinger” Andy Dalton – He’s a quality person, a proven winner, and seems like a good fit in Jay Gruden’s new West Coast offense.

2. Safety – The position still needs help. The Bengals are possibly looking at a Reggie Nelson – Chris Crocker tandem next year if nothing changes. And it has to.

3. Running back – Cedric Benson is unsigned. The team could use another back as an insurance policy. Plus, this draft is filled with good ones that will be available in the later rounds.

4. Offensive Line – Both guard positions could use an upgrade.

5. Defensive end – Robert Geathers and Antwan Odom are not outstanding options at this point. The team needs to find someone to complement Carlos Dunlap.