Georgia On My Mind

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  1. Lee says:

    First off, Timm your doing a hell of a job. Secondly we all got bengalized again. If you have the chance to pick up another 2nd and 4th rounder this year, and another first and 4th next year….AND still pick in the first round this year, and don’t do it is ridiculous. They have some wide receiver depth on this team and there is alot of wide reciever depth in this draft! Who the hell is gonna throw to green? I’m not saying he cant be a good player, but we could have gotten a few good players by trading out of that spot. Let’s see, could have had Dalton last night at the end of the first, then had two 2nd rounders today. Maybe gotten another wide reciever and a lineman on day two. Instead they are hoping Dalton falls past buffalo in the second round. They are all hoping that this will woo Carson Palmer back….not gonna happen. MB is a tool. I cant believe he didn’t learn from the saints debacle and not trading ochostinko….oh wait, yes I can.