June 28, 2017

SuperGinger = Super Prospect

It's a bird. It's a plane. It's...SuperGinger!

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The Bengals selected TCU quarterback Andy Dalton with the third pick in the second round, securing their quarterback of the future. It’s a great pick in my opinion, one that didn’t seem likely once the run of quarterbacks began with Jake Locker at No. 8. Dalton fell all the way to the Bengals and the team got the quarterback it seemed to want all along.

Dalton is a winner with great intangibles, great accuracy, and the knowledge to be successful in the NFL, something that was on display in Jon Gruden’s QB Camp special on ESPN. Plus, Cincinnati actually has a plethora of weapons to help him succeed.

However, it would be unwise to pick up the torches and pitchforks and force Carson Palmer out of town. Dalton would be best served with a season as a clipboard holder. He’s making a big jump up in competition (New Mexico is a long way away from Pittsburgh) and he’ll need time to adjust to the NFL game. Plus, Cincinnati’s offensive line is still not great at pass-blocking, so it would help Dalton if he knew where to throw the football – and quickly – once he takes his first snap under center.

Thus, the Bengals brass should try once again to lure Carson Palmer back.

“Hey Carson, I know you’re having a good time watching your kids and not collecting $11 million in salary, but we’d love to have you back.”

That should do the trick. Suddenly with a soft schedule and another elite receiver – who you know, might actually be where he’s supposed to in pass routes, sorry Ocho – the Bengals could make the playoffs. And with Palmer, (Carson, not Jordan) they could actually make some noise.

So there’s no rush for Dalton to take the field.. At least there shouldn’t be. Let the kid and all his tools develop. If Carson will come back, great. If not, let Jordan Palmer and Dan LeFevour run things for a while.

Andy Dalton is a great pick and a great prospect.

But he still needs some time.