June 22, 2017

WhoDeyFans thoughts on AJ Green


So i got a couple of phone calls last night asking me about my thoughts on AJ Green. My first reaction was that there is no doubt this kid can play football, but maybe the Bengals needs in other areas could have been addressed here.  That being said, I think that AJ is going to be an asset in the Bengals offense. Last off season we were hoping the Bengals would get a wide out to compliment the passing game.  A big bodied receiver to stretch the field and fight for the ball.  Terrell Owens was brought in to fill this role and one could argue he was the Bengals best wide out last season. The need is still there and the Bengals addressed it.

The next question I get is of course about character. Is AJ a trouble maker. He faced a 4 game suspension in college for selling a jersey on eBay. The person who bought the jersey happened to be an agent and the athlete (not the agent) was punished. This kind of infraction does not bother me, I support the players when things like this happen and not the hypocrisy of the NCAA.

AJ was also investigated for attending a party in Miami (South beach) that was thrown by an agent. Think this through, imagine you were invited to a party. At the party there was free drinks and free food. As a 21 year old kid are you really going to care where the food and drinks came from? Yeah, neither would I.

Then there is the Wonderlic issue. It has been reported that AJ scored a 10 out of a possible 50 on the wonderlic. He was among the 5 lowest results along with Patrick Peterson and Chris Culliver. If anyone really thinks that success on a football field can be predicted by a standardized test then you are a fool. Crazy Legs Fitzpatrick scored a 50 and he has been a backup for most of his career.  Below are some sample questions from the wonderlic, please help me figure out how answering these will predict how many catches AJ will have this season:

1. Look at the row of numbers below. What number should come next?
                             8      4      2      1      ½      ¼      ?


2. Assume the first two statements are true. Is the final one:
                            1. true,  2. false,  3. not certain?
            The boy plays baseball. All baseball players wear hats. The boy wears a hat.


         3. Paper sells for 21 cents per pad. What will four pads cost?


         4. How many of the five pairs of items listed below are exact duplicates?
                  Nieman, K.M.  Neiman, K.M.
                  Thomas, G.K.  Thomas, C.K.
                  Hoff, J.P.  Hoff, J.P.
                  Pino, L.R.  Pina, L.R.
                  Warner, T.S.  Wanner, T.S.


         5. RESENT RESERVE • Do these words
                    1. have similar meanings,

                    2. have contradictory meanings,

                    3. mean neither the same nor opposite?


I did a quick look around the internet to see what some rival fans were saying about the pick. I found this jewel in the official Steelers boards:

“AJ Green to Bengals?!?!? He’s gonna be trouble for our CBs”

Love it.


Like I said before, welcome to the Jungle AJ Green.