June 24, 2017

Kirwan: Bengals Should Reconsider Hard Line


It doesn't happen often, but Mike Brown is handling the Carson Palmer fiasco the way he should

Up to this point, Bengals owner Mike Brown has taken a hard line against Carson Palmer’s trade request. Brown has been saying that Palmer can play for the Bengals in 2011 or he can retire. There’s no middle ground.

NFL.com’s Pat Kirwan thinks the Bengals may want to reconsider, citing Palmer’s trade value because he’s likely the best available quarterback this offseason (when the lockout is lifted of course).

It’s not often that I agree with Brown, but I think he’s been handling this the right way. The team should put some pressure on Palmer to return to the Bengals – if only for one more year. Then, Andy Dalton will have time to develop and can take over from the start of 2012.

Palmer’s trade value shouldn’t change too much in one season. In fact, it could even increase if Carson returns and leads the Bengals to the playoffs.

There’s just no point in giving up now. Even with Dalton on the roster, Palmer is still the team’s best option.

So Brown is right on this one. There’s no need to reconsider.