July 25, 2017

Doug Farrar Shares My Brain

Call it a comeback?

I think Carson Palmer should come back in 2011.

I think the team should welcome him back.

And I think Mike Brown isn’t going to trade him anyway, so Palmer will have to retire if he refuses to suit up this season.

Doug Farrar shares my thoughts in a column for YahooSports.

Farrar argues that A.J. Green could elevate Palmer’s game and perhaps reinvigorate the verteran quarterback. In my opinion, it’s more about subtraction than addition. Both Chad Ochocinco and Terrell Owens, notorious freelancers who give inconsistent effort and emotions, should be gone. So is Bob Bratkowski, whose offense never seemed to fit well with the Bengals players.

So with a talented young receiving corps and a new coordinator who hopes to take advantage of their talents, Palmer should come back.

Plus, he’ll get paid for it, earning a reported $11 million for this season alone.

And finally, there’s the trade aspect. Many of the teams who might be interested in Palmer (Arizona, Miami, Seattle), have less talent on offense than the Bengals do.

Thus, it makes sense for Palmer to return.

Both parties will be better off.