June 23, 2017

OchoCinco is no Bo Jackson

Chad Ochocinco has been making headlines during the offseason for his shenanigans in trying to become a multi-sport star.  First, he tried out for the Sporting Kansas City squad of Major League Soccer and was awarded a reserve spot on the team.  Now, it appears that the Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver is going to try his hand at bull riding.


You read that right, Ochocinco is going to ride a bull.  Professional Bull Riders COO Sean Gleason announced on Tuesday that Ochocinco has accepted his challenge to come to the LucasOil Invitational in Duluth this weekend and ride a bull.  He will receive $10,000 for riding the bull.  If he can somehow stay on the bull for 8 seconds, Ochocinco will get a new Ford F-150 and the honor of renaming the bull.


Ok, I understand that Ochocino has a load of self confidence, but he is no Bo Jackson.  Chad is an amazing athlete, but there comes a time where someone needs to take him aside and tell him that he is embarrassing himself.  Bo Jackson played both Major League Baseball and in the NFL, but athletes like him are rare.  (And we saw what happened to Bo in the end.)


Does Ochocinco not have a clause in his contract to prevent him from gambling with his career, or even his life, in this fashion?  What about the Bengals insurance?  If he gets gored, will the insurance pay?  If Chad wants to gamble, let him play some blackjack online, or even play at the World Series of Poker.  I’m sure that ESPN would be happy to send a camera to his table.  Everyone could win in this scenario.  Ochocinco gets his ego stroked, and the Bengals don’t have to worry about their star receiver.