July 27, 2017

Where Goes Ochocinco? And Who Stays and Plays?

It’s widely assumed Chad Ochocinco won’t be a Bengal next season. It’s also widely assumed that the Bengals will get next to nothing in trade value, given the way they have bungled their handling of him. The only question left is where Chad will play next season. NFL.com’s Jason La Canfora looks at the Raiders, Redskins, Seahawks, and Bears as potential landing spots. All of them make some sense, with Oakland being my personal prediction.

But who starts in Cincy? I say it should be Jerome Simpson on one side, Andre Caldwell on the other, Jordan Shipley in the slot and A.J. Green eased into the offense with a few plays designed for him. Simpson and Caldwell played well down the stretch and the team needs to figure out their values before they become free agents in 2012. Plus, then Green won’t be forced to play before he’s ready, the same strategy I’ve advocated with Andy Dalton.

Rest the rookies first, reap the rewards later.