October 25, 2016

AFC North QB Rankings

No. 9 checks in at No. 3


James Walker ranks the big-name AFC North quarterbacks, placing Carson Palmer at No. 3 and Andy Dalton at No. 5. I’m not sure Joe Flacco (No. 2) is better than Palmer to be honest, partially because I don’t think Palmer was ever in a great position to suceed. Could anyone ever really shine in a Bob Bratkowski offense with an average offensive line and a top receiver who is notorious for freelancing?

I have my doubts.

What are your thoughts?

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  1. Matt says:

    Based on the past season, Flacco is far better than Palmer. Palmer was pretty bad last year, and Flacco continues to be an above average QB. Flacco has a lot of tools to play with, but hasn’t improved as much as he should have, whereas Palmer has just kept on going backwards, throwing to TO in triple coverage a number of times last season to rack up the interception numbers.

    Maybe Palmer shows how good he can be somewhere else, but I’d be surprised.