August 17, 2017

Bengals “Must” Moves


Johnathan Joseph's return would give a big boost to the Bengals’s Steve Wyche looks at 10 moves that need to be made before the 2011 season (assuming, of course, there is one). And the retention of Bengals Cedric Benson and Johnathan Joseph made the list.

Of the two, I think Joseph is more important. True, the Bengals also have the Artist formerly known as Pac Man Jones, but he’s best as a nickel corner because I’m not sure he can be trusted to play an entire season. There also seems to be decent depth behind Joseph, but none of the backups have the ability that J-Joe does. And with average to below-average safeties, the Bengals need to make sure their corners are top-notch. Thus, the team needs J-Joe.

In regard to Benson, I think he’s more important from a leadership standpoint than anything else. With Carson Palmer perhaps sitting out this season, Cincinnati needs to have some veteran leadership on offense. Benson would help to provide that. But from a performance standpoint, I’m not sure he’s an absolute must-have. Cincinnati could probably find someone else who can average about three yards a carry. But with that said, I still think he’s worth brining back, especially considering his price should be reasonable.

And we all know Mike Brown likes a reasonable price.


  1. I hope the price is reasonable. Teams tend to over pay running backs and if another team drives up the price then you know the Bengals will pass on Ced. I am a big Benson fan as long as the Bengals don’t over pay.

  2. I think both are resigned. Mike Brown has a history of resigning his own guys, and Joseph has been in Cincinnati from day one. He’ll get the contract he is after with us I’m sure. Benson should stay, if not then I’ll be intrigued to see how Bernard Scott develops, I don’t see what some see in him, but it would be fascinating to see if he could carry a bigger load.