Failing Chemistry

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  1. Bill says:

    I understand your logic, Nate. On paper it’s a win-win. But if I’m GM, and my players who have not had issues with CP are telling me it is not good to bring him back, then I have to respect that and I’m very reluctant to go against what they are telling me.

    If Tank and Ced are two of only 3 or 4 players who feel this way, then I give serious consideration to pursuing your solution. But if 6 or 8 other players agree with them, I don’t go there. You can’t have 20% of your team lacking respect for the guy who the face of the team.

    Unfortunately, with Mike Brown as GM, I doubt he has consulted anyone but himself on how to proceed. Which is why he sucks as a GM.

    Given that the Bengals are installing a new offense anyway, a 1-year deal with a Rent-a-Vet is a better option than risking upsetting team chemistry. CP has been merely average the last 3 years anyway, so you’ll probably be getting similar talent level but minus the baggage.

  2. Number 1 Fan says:

    Yeah, we touched on this in the podcast last night. It would be awesome if Carson could mentor Dalton the way Kitna did for Carson. I just don’t know how Carson decides to come back after all that has been said.