July 25, 2017

Failing Chemistry


A few days ago, Tank Johnson talked about the failed chemistry experiment that was the Cincinnati Bengals 2011 roster. It shouldn’t have surprised anyone that adding Terrell Owens to a mix that already included Chad Ochocinco could make things toxic.

Well, that’s precisely what happened, and it appears that Carson Palmer was poisoned in the process. So where does the team go from here? How do they put on the HAZMAT suits and clean things up?

Tank thinks it starts with Palmer. He argues that if Palmer doesn’t want to be back, the team should just let him go.

I disagree. Palmer is still the team’s best option at quarterback and he’s also extremely professional with the way that he handles himself. I don’t think a reluctant Palmer alone would make the team too volatile. Carson and Mike Brown could meet in the middle with a compromise that allows them both to save face.

One more year.

Palmer gets a year to try out for every other NFL team. Brown proves that he’s still in charge and can’t be bullied. The Bengals get a one-year bridge before Andy Dalton has to take over. It’s essentially the same plan that the team employed with Boomer Esiason’s exit. And everyone would gain from it.

It’s far from an ideal situation, but it’s the best plan. And with a quarterback who isn’t exactly happy, the team needs to purge itself of all the other caustic personalities. That means Ochocinco has to go and T.O. can’t come back. Those two departures alone will make for better chemistry.

It certainly can’t get any worse.



  1. I understand your logic, Nate. On paper it’s a win-win. But if I’m GM, and my players who have not had issues with CP are telling me it is not good to bring him back, then I have to respect that and I’m very reluctant to go against what they are telling me.

    If Tank and Ced are two of only 3 or 4 players who feel this way, then I give serious consideration to pursuing your solution. But if 6 or 8 other players agree with them, I don’t go there. You can’t have 20% of your team lacking respect for the guy who the face of the team.

    Unfortunately, with Mike Brown as GM, I doubt he has consulted anyone but himself on how to proceed. Which is why he sucks as a GM.

    Given that the Bengals are installing a new offense anyway, a 1-year deal with a Rent-a-Vet is a better option than risking upsetting team chemistry. CP has been merely average the last 3 years anyway, so you’ll probably be getting similar talent level but minus the baggage.

  2. Yeah, we touched on this in the podcast last night. It would be awesome if Carson could mentor Dalton the way Kitna did for Carson. I just don’t know how Carson decides to come back after all that has been said.