June 27, 2017

Who Dey Propaganda: Pull the Plug

The Bengals PR efforts should be unplugged

As Eric pointed out in his recent post, the Bengals “Who Dey Perspective” is fundamentally flawed. Here are my own thoughts:

I get it. In fact, I think we all do.

There are two sides to every story. And that’s the spirit behind the Bengals’ PR effort the “Who Dey Perspective.”  The team is attempting to tell its side of the story, rather than just let the misconceptions and bad impressions run rampant amongst its fan base. Take the team’s latest effort, the issue of the stadium tax and the public’s opinion of it.  Jack Brennan, the Bengals director of PR, attempts to show how the same people who initially supported the stadium tax are now major critics.

But in the process, the team gets too involved in politics. It mentions that some of the stadium tax money has supported increased education spending and other public improvements. In a sense, the article suggests that there are too many of those public expenditures that have been funded by the stadium tax.

It also seems to suggest that the sports teams should be the main focus of these revenues. And I find it insulting.

Yes, politicians sometimes overspend, but many of these expenditures – education, for one – are extremely important. Certainly more important than Mike Brown’s profit margin.

The Bengals should stick to football. How many other teams are involving themselves in such political matters –  on their own website no less – and pointing out how local governments are spending their funds?

It’s ridiculous.

And in my mind, it creates the opposite effect. I typically am more upset with the team after reading their “perspective” than I was before it.

So here’s my own perspective on all these PR efforts, one I hope that the team will consider:

Pull the plug.


Click the image to read the team’s “Who Dey Perspective.”



  1. Amen, bro. Amen.