July 26, 2017

Johansen vs Hoard: Who Ya Got?

A little over a month ago, the Bengals made the surprising move of replacing longtime Bengals radio play-by-play voice Brad Johansen with longtime University of Cincinnati Bearcats and Pawtucket Red Sox broadcaster Dan Hoard. The announcement was made along with other club news as to throw this release “into the trash” with the other news items. Am I the only person who thinks this was a big deal?

Former Bengals play-by-play voice Brad Johansen (left) and current play-by-play voice Dan Hoard (right)

There was never a public explanation as to why the swap occurred, but many believe it had something to do with Johansen’s line of questioning at the now world famous Marvin Lewis/Mike Brown debacle of a press conference in January announcing Lewis’s contract extension. Some also believe that the Bengals, who are always behind the times (what a shock) are looking for more of a social media presence, something Johansen couldn’t provide due to his other duties with Channel 12 WKRC and Xavier basketball. Or was it the fact that now that the Bengals have taken production of the broadcast “in house”, Johansen couldn’t be a journalist and work for the Bengals at the same time? Regardless, not one time did the Bengals in their announcement thank Brad Johansen for his 11 years as play-by-play voice of the Bengals. Lord knows he called a LOT of AWFUL games in that stretch.

I happened to be a fan of Brad and “Lap” and thought they had great chemistry with one another. What’s your take? Were you a fan of Johansen? Do you think Dan Hoard was the right choice to replace Johansen? Let us know your thoughts.