July 27, 2017

Think of the little guy


The interesting point in the lockout is fast approaching.  To the casual fan, the lockout is something the NFL is dealing with and will be handled before “real” football is going to start.  However, the longer the disagreement lasts, the more real damage will be done.  Take a minute and think about the people who are going to be affected most if there is a work stoppage:
– Your beer guy. Yeah, you pay way too much for beers in the stadium, but your beer guy is just some dude who needs the extra income to help pay for his kids daycare for the month. He counts on the extra hundred bucks or so he makes at a Sunday game to make ends meet.


– Same goes for security, maintenance and janitorial staff at the game. These people count on the money from their job during the games and will miss it badly this upcoming season.


– Your bartender. Think of the crowds on away game Sunday’s at the local sports bar. Shoot, think of the crowds of fans for non-local teams. You really think all these people are going to head down to the local watering hole to watch the Sunday afternoon movie of the week?  There will be many lost tips to these people and lost revenue to the establishments.


Sports apparel, pizza delivery, parking lots etc…   The list is long.


There is one more group that is already feeling the pinch. However, I personally like to refer to this group as the assholes that drive ticket prices up, the ticket broker. In the Washington Post they detail how ticket sales are down and how this is really affecting the broker. You mean I am supposed to feel bad for the people who make a living out of gobbling up all the tickets to an event and then charge the real fan twice the face value to attend? I get it, free market and all, but I find little sympathy for the guy that sells a ticket that holds a 53 dollar face value for $400.00. This is the business you chose to become a part of so you chose to shoulder the burden if you can’t sell your product.


The ticket brokers rank slightly below the actual teams however who made a push to sell as many tickets as possible knowing that a lockout was likely.  Many bumped up their dates to lock fans in earlier than normal. It shows how the teams see the fans, as walking wallets.


The most interesting thing that could happen during the work stoppage is if the teams decide to play with replacement players.  Your $100 seats will be to a game you should be watching in an arena. I asked the Bengals about this possibility and was assured that this would not happen this year. If it did though, I doubt there would be a refund from the team.