July 26, 2017

Top 10 Cincinnati Bengals moments

These are in my opinion the top 10 Cincinnati Bengals moments in my lifetime.  Feel free to add any of yours in the comments.


10. Chad Ochocinco in 2005 – Celebrating a Bengals division championship –
In a season where it seemed the Bengals could score at will, Chad Ochocinco put them on the map with his touchdown celebrations.


9. December 5, 2004 – Carson Palmer’s first season 24 point 4th quarter comeback in Baltimore –

Palmer threw for 200 yards and three touchdowns in the fourth quarter, and the Bengals rallied from a 17-point deficit to beat the Baltimore Ravens. This would be the first time the Bengals beat the Ravens in their stadium and begin the dominance Carson had on the rivals in Baltimore.


8. December 10, 1989 – Sam Wyche – “You don’t live in Cleveland you live in Cincinnati” –
When the fans throw things on the field, Wyche puts it in perspective.


7. P-Dub beating of Kansas City Chiefs November 16, 2003 –
After Chad guaranteed the victory, the Bengals came out behind Peter Warrick’s incredible day to beat the 9 and 0 Chiefs. First on a 68 yd. punt return in front of the Chiefs great return man Dante Hall, p-dub set the tone. Then on a catch from Kitna and a quick 360 degree spin, Warrick took the pass 77yds to the end zone for another touchdown.


6. January 8, 2006 – Palmers knee –
After winning the division, the Bengals play the Steelers at a home playoff game in the wild card round. Early in the game, Palmers knee is destroyed. This is followed by one of the quickest recoveries from this type of injury. Palmer completed a 66 yd. pass on the play to the late Chris Henry.


5. Anthony Munoz in the Hall August 1, 1998
The first Cincinnati Bengal in the hall of fame.


4. Corey Dillon Single game rushing record October 22, 2000 –
Against the league’s 2nd rated rushing defense, Corey Dillon explodes for 278yds on 22 carries to set the leagues rushing record. He had scoring runs of 65 and 41 yds. in the game.


3. Ickey Shuffle –
The original and most famous touchdown celebration dance in NFL history.


2. Bengals beating Pitt at home and sweeping the division –
The Bengals coming from down 2 scores in the 4th to beat the Steelers in the final moments of the game. Watch the video, get chills.


1. The Freezer Bowl –
With temps between -37 and -51 degrees this was the coldest game in NFL history. One in which the Bengals went on to win 27-7 to advance to the Super Bowl.


  1. James Shively says:

    Next to the Freezer Bowl should be beating the Bills in 88.. I guess the Ickey Shuffle could be considered the same things but still.. Sam Wyche yelling “I’m going to Kings Island” is classic..

  2. James, that was awesome.

  3. Yeah I’d have to agree with #8, that may just be my favorite Bengals memory. Plus the fact that he ripped on the entire Mistake by the Lake just made it all the better.

  4. All of these are great, but for me personally I would have to go with #4. I just happened to be one of those guys in a yellow shirt that read event staff working on the field that game.

  5. Maybe we should do 11-20 as well because it’s probably not top ten material, but Kitna to Schoebel in the waning seconds to beat Pittsburgh was awesome too.


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