Players are Right About Palmer

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  1. tiredofitall says:

    as a long LONG fan from the very beginning of the franchise, i’ve attended both super bowls they were in, i have bengals memorabilia in every room of my house, from every era of the team, bengals Crush cans, unopened, signed footballs from both super bowl teams, this franchise has been my life. i at this point reading this article, and other articles like am simply left with the thought, who cares. i don’t see how anyone that is a bengals fan can even be looking forward to a football season this year, i for one hope there isn’t one. perhaps it’s the inevitability of loss, though that’s been a long withstanding feeling so i’m going to say it’s just the latter of my thoughts: we’ve been kicked while we’re down for decades, eventually you die. i believe i’m at this point, i’d honestly rather see the team sold and move town than spend another year caring one way or the either. it isn’t the losing, it’s the lack of care of ownership. sure there’s blame everywhere from players to the top. but to make claims that palmer doesn’t want to win, or at least imply that, i don’t see it.

    sure call him a quitter all you want, he clearly is a quitter, there is no other argument to be made there. but if he didn’t want to win, staying in cincinnati would be his best bet. it isn’t about the money, it’s about the same thing to him as it is to the fans, ‘whats the point’ i’m sure is bouncing around in his brain, and i have no answer to that. i can say the team has had me, and will have me forever, but i just don’t care anymore, i won’t be rooting for another team the bengals have simply managed to take the love of the NFL out of me.

    1. Number 1 Fan says:

      wow, that is a pretty depressing comment. I am not sure how you can still be a fan if you wish there was no season. The major difference is that Palmer is compensated well for playing for the Bengals while the fans get almost nothing in return.

      I bet if I offered you 100 million dollars for the next 10 years, you would be the best Bengals fan the world has ever seen. Win or lose.

      I don’t feel bad for Palmer, he is part of the problem. Rather than be the leader and rally the troops he tucks his tail and looks for greener pastures.

      As far as your comments about wishing there was no football, take a step back. It is a game, be a fan of that. Root for the Bengals, wish for them to win it all. If they don’t, go back to your life and don’t get so depressed. Go back and read the article I wrote about my 10 favorite moments. Watch the clip of the Bengals beating the Steelers. If that doesn’t work to get you excited then you probably are already gone.