June 27, 2017

WDW Episode 31 – We’re Heating Up

Now that summer is upon us things are starting to heat up here at the podcast. There is some talk that the NFL and the Players are close to an agreement. Let’s not hold our collective breaths.

Speaking of hot, Nadia Larysa of the Chicago Bliss (Follow her on Twitter: @nadialarysa), a Lingerie Football League squad, stops by the show to fill us in on what goes down in the LFL. She also gives us her own spin on the Carson Palmer dilemma, would you welcome him back into your locker room? Maybe the No Fun League should take note of the LFL, the Lots of Fun League….

Title: We’re Heating Up
Length: 22:50
Size: 13.0 mb

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  1. TAB PERRY!!! Man, I am an idiot.