June 26, 2017

Andre The Not-So-Giant?

Word is starting to make its way around the interwebs that the Bengals’ more recent first round pick named A. Smith is working to shed some pounds and perhaps shed the title of “bust”.

Check out this quote from Andrew Whitworth, as posted on nfl.com:

“His weight has been the only issue. He showed up at these workouts under weight, lighter than he’s been since he’s been here — and that’s with him having a boot on his foot.”

I’ve been as critical of Andre as any Bengals fan. In 2009, many of us were pleading for the Bengals to take Eugene Monroe or Michael Oher instead, even though we knew deep down they would take him anyway. And Smith has done a bang-up job over the last two years of confirming every concern and fear we had.

But perhaps no  longer.

Whitworth went on: “The first thing he said to me was, ‘Whit, it’s my time. Time for me to step up.'”

Correction, Andre. Your time to step up was two years ago. But better late than never to start living up to that number 71 you wear.


  1. I thought last year Smith was critical to the success of the Bengals’ offense. He didn’t perform and the offense didn’t either. If he can turn things around, I think the offense might as well.